Thrive Health Reset Prep Tips

If you are about to embark on our Thrive 10 day health reset, these are our top tips to kick you off in the right direction:

Juice your heart out (and freeze):

You could happily have a green juice or smoothie every day on this program. So it would work well to juice today, pour into glass bottles and freeze. Just remember to leave an inch or two at the top of the bottle otherwise it will overflow in the freezer.

Cook Once, Eat Twice!

Double up on your recipes, have them for dinner & lunch the next day. This basic meal planning strategy will really help save you time, and support you during this 10 day program

Chop and peel your veggies.

Chop and peel your veggies in bulk. You can pop some into a glass jar or BPA free container, ready to munch when you need a snack, or ready to whip together a quick salad or smoothie.

Chop, peel & freeze some smoothie friendly fruit & veg.

Having some pre-prepped fruit & veg in the freezer makes a morning smoothie prep so simple! You can quickly throw these into your blender (with your milk & other inclusions of choice) and have a on-the-go breakfast ready in 5 mins!

Prep your kitchen.

Set aside some time to remove the foods from your kitchen that you think you will struggle to resist over this reset. This will make the program so much easier to stick to. 

Hummus is your friend!

We love hummus because it is high in B vitamins and fiber, it is perfect with veggies or seed crackers as a snack and you can have it every day on the program. So again, make a big batch this evening, pop into jars and freeze. You can also add some beetroot or coriander to make it interesting.

Make some our delish dressings.

Prepare some of our delish dressings & store these in your fridge. This way you can whip together a quick salad or buddha bowl, you have something ready-to-go (and delicious) to drizzle over your meal. 

Happy prepping, and we look forward to guiding you through 10 days of healthy & inspired eating!