6 reasons you may need a health reset!

Are you in need of a health reset? 

Our Thrive 10-day Health Reset is specifically designed to help you discover which foods work best for your body, help provide your body and detox system a helping hand, and fill your body with an abundance of nutrients & minerals. This program also focuses on self-care practices to truly nourish your mind.

This program is a great opportunity to reset your health, especially if you are experiencing any of the following:

1. Low energy

Is it difficult for you to get through the day without your afternoon coffee or sugary treat? Our bodies can easily get overwhelmed by our fast paced living and caffeine and sugar addictions. Sometimes a simple diet upgrade & slight lifestyle change is all it takes to reset and start feeling energized & back to thriving!

2. Excess weight

The stubborn fat around the belly can be so frustrating and is a common complaint we hear from our clients. Though loosing fat from this area can be difficult, there are several things you can do to reduce excess abdominal fat. We will share some guidance & support throughout our 10-day health reset.

3. Brain fog

Brain fog can be the sign of many health conditions, but it can also be directly related to the food you are or aren’t eating. Our meal plan if filled with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, B-vitamins & antioxidants – perfect to help combat that daily brain fog! 

4. Bloating

Bloating is actually experienced by up to 20% of people with almost twice as many women as men suffering from these symptoms! From a nutritional point of view, it is more than likely that the bloating is caused by one of the most common food culprits. These are the top 3 culprits for bloating are gluten, sugar & dairy. Cutting these out for 10 days is a great way to identify where your sensitivities may lie. 

5. Indigestion

If you often struggle with digestive issues then a reset would be extremely beneficial for you. There are many reasons that you may be struggling with bloat or digestive issues and one of the greatest ways to overcome these are by investigating the food you are eating!

6. Constant cravings

When we consume highly processed foods or high sugar, fat and salt foods, our bodies adapt and crave more of it. A lot of foods are specifically designed to make us crave more of them! Perhaps it’s time to go back to basics and focus on eating real, whole foods?

Our next group health reset? 

Our next Group Health Reset starts 6 June 2021. 

Reaching your health goals can be tough, we know! But with the support of our Thrive dieticians and Thrive community, we find our clients are SO much more likely to succeed.