The Thrive 10-day Health Reset aims to motivate, guide and support you in becoming your most optimal self.

With the use of a meal plan, shopping list, hundreds of delicious recipes and a daily support group, you will seamlessly achieve your goals and develop a new found appreciation for your body.

This unique program is designed and guided by registered dietitians so you will also walk away with a solid understanding of cutting edge nutritional and health information.

We focus on these three holistic pillars of health:



As part of the program, you’ll receive a 10-day meal plan, shopping list and access to our Thrive recipe web-app which features over 100 recipes to support and nourish you throughout the program. 


Meals can easily become a kind of
self-medication for dealing with negative emotions. Through our program we will teach you to embrace mindfulness with every meal, as we offer tips & support to counter emotional eating through mindfulness. Our program also
includes a daily evening meditation.


We will also encourage you to get moving in the comfort of your home with our online yoga sessions.

Why do our bodies need this?

Do I need a health reset?

This program is a great opportunity to reset your health, especially if you are experiencing the following:

✔ Headaches

✔ Low energy

✔ Indigestion

✔ Constipation

✔ Skin conditions such as acne or eczema

✔ Insomnia

✔ Excess weight

✔ Food Allergies

✔ Low libido

✔ Brain fog

Program Benefits

While the results vary per individual, you will achieve a deep detox that will support in cleansing your body. The most commonly reported benefits include:

✔ Increased energy

✔ Radiant Skin

✔ Reduced toxic load that leads to poor digestion, dry skin and colds.

✔ Improved gut health

✔ Reduces gas and bloating

✔ Weight loss

I cannot recommend this highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support. After the program I have less digestive upset, better sleep and I’m feeling better overall.

Sue M

What I loved most is the group support, particularly on difficult days. The Thrive videos were super informative and I love the recipe book which has given me so many delish and healthy meal ideas!

Sarah L

Recipes, motivation, meditations, discounts, support…. It really is such good value for money and highly recommend it to anyone!

Brigitte D