A guide to Vitamin C

Vitamin C seems to be a very important factor in fighting colds and flu. It acts at the immune cells, making them stronger fighting machines. 

Studies show that it reduces the severity and duration. 

Taking 3-4g of vitamin C on the first day of the infection reduced the duration by 10%. The same occurred at a much higher rate when 6-8g was taken on the first day, resulting in a 20-85% reduction in duration depending on the study. Furthermore, the benefit seems to be greater if vitamin C is taken for longer (at 1-1.5g per day). 

In terms of Vitamin C use in Covid-19 treatment we are still awaiting published trials, however anecdotally it looks very promising. Intravenous vitamin C administration seems to reduce risk of death and reduces hospital stay by 3-5 days. We look forward to these promising results. 

After reviewing the studies and according to Patrick Holford’s recommendation (who practices in the slip stream of Dr Paulus Linus, the King of Vit C) we recommend the following dose:  

  • Prophylactic dose: 500-1000mg twice a day (morning and night)
  • Treatment: 2-5g immediately then 1g per hr until symptoms abate. Please monitor your stomach. If bloating or discomfort occurs stop the supplementation immediately. 

Sources of Vitamin C from the diet: