Intermittent fasting

For many people, the benefits of intermittent fasting can be transformative on our gut health, inflammation levels, energy, weight management, mental clarity, to name a few. 50% of your energy is used for breaking down food. Therefore, fasting for up to 16 hours (don’t worry you’ll be sleeping for at least half of those) between our last meal of the day and our first meal the next day allows our body to recuperate and focus on other tasks - such as flushing out toxins, enabling us to wake feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and productive.

This is akin to asking your body to run a slow, gentle jog overnight instead of a marathon! Fasting enables the body’s enzyme system to concentrate on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently without heavy food digestion. It helps to reset and balance a healthy gut microbiome.

What’s more, intermittent fasting can help to increase metabolic rate as your body will start to burn stored fat rather than glucose for energy. It’s important to break your fast with an abundant meal, rich in fibre and protein, and with complex carbs and healthy fats to ensure a steady blood sugar level. Varied textures and a mixture of cooked and raw ingredients is also a way to master your metabolism by awakening your digestive system

Thrive Fasting Guide: 

There are however certain techniques to understand before you get started on your fasting journey. Our team wants you to Thrive on your journey, this is why we have created this comprehensive guide for you to use.

The guide highlights the fasting benefits, the different types and strategies to implement to make it positive and healthy.

You probably have quite a few questions on fasting? We've added a section in the guide to answer the most frequently asked questions we have received over the past few years. 

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