Is inflammation causing weight gain?

 It's clear that there's a lot more to weight loss that just calories in and calories out, but what are those other dynamics at play?

Research suggests many stem from inflammation, which means reducing inflammation is not only essential, but also a good first step to long-term weight loss. Studies fully support this notion - that when the body is inflamed, weight loss is nearly impossible! 

So even with the most disciplined eating and exercise habits, you may find you are making little progress losing weight when inflammation is present.  

What actually happens in the body? 
Well, inflammatory molecules are produced from the fat cells. This sets off a whole cascade of inflammation in the body which directly relates to risk for heart disease, depression, cancer and kidney disease. 
The great news is that if you reduce the inflammation in your body you can firstly, manage these risks and secondly, lose weight. 
So how do you reduce inflammation?
  1. Avoid processed fats (such fried foods and take away, pies, cookies, you get the drift)
  2. Limit sugar
  3. Limit alcohol 
  4. Manage sleep 
  5. Manage stress 
  6. Identify any food sensitivities

Starting here is an excellent idea. A reminder that we are here to support you along this journey too, so get in touch if you need any support!