Smoothie bowl tips & ideas

One of our breakfast favourites is a smoothie bowl. It’s as simple as a smoothie recipe, but is thicker and more dense, which can help make for a more satisfying meal.
It’s important to use frozen fruit when making a smoothie bowl so the texture comes out thick and creamy like an ice cream. A smoothie bowl is also a great way to increase your intake of vegetables, so be generous with the veggies and don’t only load it with fruit! You can then get creative by topping your bowl with some delicious fresh fruits, and for some crunch, you can add some nuts or sugar-free granola.

Enjoy a perfect smoothie bowl every time with our smoothie bowl tips below ..

1. Frozen banana. 

They make a great base for a creamy smoothie bowl. Peel them, chop them, then freeze them.

2. Get those veg in !!

Make sure they are pre-cut and frozen. Cauliflower, zucchini and avo, sweet potato or pumpkin are all great options.  

3. Add minimal liquid to the blender.

Water or plant milk is perfect, coconut cream or yoghurt also works as a treat for an even creamier bowl.

4. Add a protein

Protein helps to balance blood sugar levels and creates a more satiating smoothie bowl. So we love adding in some nut or seed butters, protein powder, hemp, chia or flax seeds. 

5. Something crunchy

Don’t neglect the toppings! Add some fresh fruit & something with a crunch to amp up your bowl! (Granola, nuts, seeds, cocoa nibs - are some of our fav's)

6. Use a chilled bowl.

Stash your bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes before making your smoothie. This will keep your smoothie cold as you eat it.

Not sure which ingredients to use? Download the image below for some quick & easy smoothie bowl ideas: