Vitamin D and its health benefits

Vitamin D has a myriad of health benefits. In terms of immunity we have highlighted the following points:

  • Vit D turns on more than 3000 genes in the body helping your immune system work at it’s full potential
  • Recent research has shown that it significantly reduces effect of respiratory illness.
  • This reduces hyper inflammation during a “cytokine storm” which is when the body’s immune system overreacts
  • It also reduces viral replication and acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS). ARDS survivors have significantly higher levels of vit D than non-survivors (Dancer et al, 2015).
  • There is currently a Vit D trial underway in Spain on Covid. It is hypothesised that it will be very positive.
  • Recommended dose: 2000IU adults, 800IU children, 400IU infants however this depends on serum level
  • Take your vitamin D supplement with a high fat meal or snack. Combine with vitamin K2 (please check with your doctor if you have clotting issues) to ensure healthy blood vessels
  • Regarding sunshine, you need about 15 minutes (if you have fair skin) of early or late sunshine per day to maintain your serum level.

It is important to check your serum level. Please contact your doctor or email us me to get the exact dose according to your blood level.