Thrive Pregnancy Program

Did you know you have the power to dictate your baby's health and genetic outcome based on your pregnancy lifestyle? Between proper prenatal exercise and nutrition, you can influence you baby's health throughout their entire lives!

Thrive Pregnancy Program

Pregnant woman with pink dress holding her belly


Discover the necessary components of what to eat for a properly balanced, well nourished & healthy pregnancy so that you and your baby can thrive. Includes specific foods to focus on, pregnancy superfoods, supplementation advise & more! You will also receive weekly dietitian support as we guide you through the 4 week program.


A woman’s body changes deeply and continually during pregnancy. Exercise can help strengthen the connection to your body and improve your well-being, and your baby’s. Our pregnancy includes weekly movement, including prenatal yoga & pilates classes.


Pregnancy and motherhood is a whirlwind journey of so many beautiful moments but some challenging ones too. We will be provide insight into the emotional impacts of pregnancy and delivery, and you will have the community support from other expectant mum's that have joined the program. 


Our team of experts:

An Image of Alex Royal

Alex Royal


An image of Harriet Came

Harriet Came

Prenatal yoga specialist
& doula

An Image of Sharmon Reddington

Sharmon Reddington


An Image of Tamsin Hodgson

Tamsin Hodgson


An Image of Donah Rosser

Donah Rosser

Women’s health practitioner& Pilates instructor