Shelly Bowien

An image of Shelly Bowien

Registered Dietitian

Shelly is a true foodie, she loves cooking, creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. She has a passion for nutrition and dietetics, and has developed the majority of the Thrive recipes we will be sharing with you within each Thrive Welless Program.

  • BSc in Human Physiology with Psychology and Genetic (Stellenbosch University)
  • BMedSci Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Cape Town)
  • Registered with HPCSA and ADSA
  • Member of HPCSA and ADSA
  • Foundations in Nutrigenomic (CTG)
  • Food Allergy Course (Allergy Foundation South Africa)
  • Gut Health and the Microbiome (EatFit)
  • South African Certified Lactation Consultant (student)